R-Val : Scoring and risk monitoring

R-Val is an independent scoring solution linked to a market data feed.

Objective: Evaluate and rate the risk of a position, a list of assets, or a portfolio.

« A financial service provider… must enquire about its clients' financial situation and investment objectives as well as their knowledge and experience before recommending suitable financial instruments…»*

*LSFIN, section 3, art.13

Financial regulators require that investment professionals recommend investments in relation with the risks their customers are willing to take, and to inform them of the level of risk incurred. R-Val provides a clear description of risk levels, enables monitoring their progress, and knowingly advising customers. Each investment is rated individually using a flexible methodology that allows the comparison between various types of assets.

For whom?

Aimed at financial professionals and risk managers, R-Val is an invaluable tool when it comes to reporting risk evaluation and monitoring to the regulators or auditors.

Fully configurable, R-Val provides perfectly adapted reports regardless of the auditors' needs or the regulators' requirements.


  • Evaluation of each position, asset class, and portfolio
  • Link to a market data feed for dynamic evaluation
  • Independent from any financial institution
  • Fully configurable
  • Adaptable to addresses regulatory and audit requirements


Regularly, customers simply provide a list of assets or the portfolio containing the ISIN, designation, and weighting to be evaluated.

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