GIPS verification

With the GIPS certification, your clients can be safe in the knowledge that standard procedures have been applied to ensure the quality and integrity of your reports.

With this in mind, Galeo supports you throughout the GIPS certification process. Our experts will help you prepare all the components required for certification, as well as verify the quality of the procedures in place.

Our support will allow you to:

  • Reduce the length, and therefore costs, of the GIPS assessment process.
  • Improve your internal procedures
  • Produce reports compliant with current international standards.
  • Provide reliable reports for straightforward comparison
  • Identify areas for optimisation

We employ a pragmatic approach in helping you implement compliant procedures in line with your investment management business.

Some of the processes we analyse include:

  • Project and task management
  • Reconciliation
  • Record keeping and document life cycle management
  • Portfolio performance calculation system
  • The GIPS verification processes themselves.

The GIPS certification provides you with a certain advantage over your competition, demonstrating your commitment to quality, integrity and transparency.

A high-added-value service in all circumstances.

The GIPS standards (Global Investment Performance Standard) allow you to produce performance reports that can be easily compared in all circumstances, regardless of the company producing them and their geographical location.

In the event, for example, of a change of investment profile a portfolio may no longer be compared to a benchmark and will therefore be considered outside the scope of GIPS analysis until the change of profile (from "returns" to "balanced", for example) process is complete.
During this adjustment period, compliance with the GIPS standards guarantees the traceability of all transactions carried out to implement the investment profile change.

An accurate and comprehensive overview of investment performance has become a key element for investors in their manager selection and later serves to strengthen the investor-manager relationship. The majority of pension funds require their managers to possess GIPS credentials.

Galeo helps you implement the required processes and independently verifies your organisation's compliance with the GIPS standards.

Who are the GIPS standards intended for?

The GIPS standards are intended first and foremost for:

  • Fund managers
  • Investment advisors
  • Family Offices
  • Banks managing on behalf of institutional clients
  • Pension funds

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