Expertise and Analysis

Trusting someone else to manage your wealth is not easy.
Though the decision is generally made in an atmosphere of mutual trust, the beneficiary sometimes finds it difficult to really appreciate his manager's choices and actions.

The situation is even more complex when several managers and custodian banks are involved.

Our expertise and analysis service aims to assure you that your trust has not been misplaced and that your wealth is being managed in accordance with the criteria you have set.

Our team of specialists will scrutinise your wealth, position by position, portfolio by portfolio, custodian by custodian, in order to identify risks, inconsistencies and any errors.
Once we have established our report, you will receive a full diagnostic and all the elements you require to make any decisions that may prove necessary.

In the case of a dispute concerning the management of a portfolio, any errors or suspected abuse, Galeo handles the financial aspect of investigations to support the legal procedures implemented by the aggrieved party and his solicitor.

To find out more about our expertise and analysis service, get in touch or take a look at the case study available here.

Investment strategy

A clear investment strategy is key to sustainable, high-performance portfolio management.

Galeo provides you with the expertise of a seasoned financial analyst to enable you to set up one or several investment strategies, which may be simple or more complex depending on your objectives and requirements, all the while identifying and anticipating risks.

Modern wealth management also requires the implementation of complex procedures and organisations. Associated regulatory requirements are becoming ever more stringent. This is why Galeo provides its clients, multi-family offices and wealth managers, with literally a whole organisation charged with applying and monitoring these rules and procedures.

Galeo does not manage, but acts as a consultant, independently of any financial institutions.
Our neutral stance and the complete transparency with which we act towards our clients offers you choices and advice that are free from any conflict of interest.

Our team of specialists is available to assess the various options presented to you.

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